Charitable Giving

At Floyd & Green, Giving Back remains a top priority and an underlying motivation in everything we do.

Supporting our community has been an interest of ours since the store’s founding, and we try to fulfill as many requests as we can each year. We always do our best to respectfully consider the many requests we receive and to contribute in a meaningful way.

While Floyd & Green’s charitable giving is focused on local organizations, the list of organizations we support is always growing. With so many important causes to consider and hundreds of amazing non-profits who work hard to make our community better and stronger, we are diligent in our effort to increase the number and the diversity of the organizations we support. Our annual “Night of Giving Back” provides customers with the opportunity to designate funds to the charities of their choice. Inquire today about how your organization can be a part of this important event.

If you have an upcoming event that needs support, please fill out the form below and submit it at least four weeks prior to the date needed for consideration. To submit via email see the instructions below.

2022 Night of Giving Back - November 10th